Saturday, October 20, 2007


I've decided to create this blog as an outlet to share my poorly spelled, often trite and mildly embarrassing thoughts on the world. My expectation is that few people will ever read this - so I'm not as concerned with others hearing my thoughts as me getting them out. I enjoy the anonimity involved in voicing thoughts, experiences and opinions without having to actually be held accountable for them in my real life. I believe that the world is far smaller than we think it is - so it's likely that you know me, or you know someone that knows me, or you know someone that knows someone that knows me. Or possibly you know my mother. Regardless of how many degrees from Kevin Bacon we are - I'm sure I'll say something at some point that I would not want to have to justify at a work meeting or a family reunion. So, anonymous it is :)

P.S. I like emoticons. Yes, I know they are stupid - but I still like them. No, I am not a 16 year old girl from California. I am a 26 year old boy from New Jersey. I am gay. I am mature and professional and as a stupidly drunk girl who was insistent that I see the inside of her hotel room once said "You're gay! but you don't talk like a gay!" So it goes, I don't talk like I'm gay. This is stealing content from my next post, an introduction to me. The point of the story is, I don't look like I like emoticons but I do. I like them alot.

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